How I Work

Life is based on relationships, how we connect with everybody around us, and our relationships with ourselves. You may find that you are struggling with your personal relationships, addictions, or any form of thoughts and behaviours that you find hard to deal with alone.

The basis of the way I work with my clients, is that I believe when we experience unease and stress, it requires time and patience to discover more of who we are. We do this by identifying the possible root cause to your problems and struggles, as well finding different strategies to help you tackle with everyday issues in a more positive mindset. This is done by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself whilst having the support to do so safely. I believe this gives us the foundations to grow and bring about positive changes.

In our therapy sessions, we explore what the underlying issues are and any possible traumas that may have happened, progressing on from there to create a lasting and positive change within your life. I use an Integrative theoretical approach tailored to meet your personal needs and requirements. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself by giving you the awareness you need to live a happier and fulfilled life.

I have an empathic and warm approach which will enable you to explore any difficulties in a non-judgmental and accepting environment. A place that allows you the opportunity to talk about any issues you may want to bring.

I am down to earth with natural warmth and empathy, I communicate well and excel in active listening. My approach is Integrative which is tailored to suit your needs.

I offer both short-term and long-term counselling in Bury Greater Manchester. Confidentiality, respect, and a non-judgemental attitude are paramount to the service that I provide.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy, based on psychological theories used to help focus on any emotional or psychological needs, that you feel unable to work through alone. As humans we think and feel emotions which helps us to become more self-aware. When problems arise, our thinking process can become distorted, consequently affecting our emotions and making us feel uncomfortable. Therapy offers you a chance to explore your thoughts and feeling in a safe place.

Sometimes we may need counselling to work through some issues that we have lived with throughout our life, that may have originated in childhood, sometimes it may be that we feel stressed with home life or work and feel unsure of how to deal with a situation. Whatever the reason for wanting counselling, having someone to listen without feeling judged can help us to explore our issues in a safe, non-judgemental and accepting environment.

What areas do I work with?

I offer counselling sessions for a range of psychological problems, ranging from addiction problems, behavioural problems, stress, anxiety disorders, isolation and loneliness, low self-esteem, confidence issues, anger issues, domestic abuse, and mental health and ADHD.

As well as working online and over the phone, face to face sessions are offered in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment at my home. If you would like to see a counsellor in Tottington, Bury then please contact me using the contact form.

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength."

~ Sigmund Freud

Why I became a counsellor

Experiences as a child led me to being a challenging teen, mixing with people from all different backgrounds and getting myself into trouble in the process.

These experiences opened my eyes and I gained an understanding of why people behaved in a certain way. I realised from an early age that they were people who was suffering also. This interested me and from my late teens I found a deep desire to support others.

Work experience

My work experience consists of working both in private and public healthcare sector. I have over 13 years’ experience working within the substance misuse sector, working and running a substance misuse rehabilitation centre, and also working in the community. This has given me further knowledge and tools to help others struggling with addictive behaviours.

In addition to working with addictions, I also worked in a doctor’s surgeries during my training followed by working in a domestic abuse charity, and in schools counselling young people.

I’ve been working as a counsellor in the Bury, Bolton and Rochdale area for many years working with variety of people of different ages and background.

Sessions: What to Expect

Your first session

Your first session will consist of getting to know one another and finding out what you would like to gain from counselling. You can ask any questions about me and the counselling process to see if I am the right person that you would like to work with.


All sessions are confidential. I am bound by the ethical code of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, to visit BACP click here.

Length of Sessions

The counselling session are for 50 minutes.

Number of Sessions

We would discuss the number of sessions at the beginning of therapy and review these at regular intervals. I am happy to work on a short and long term basis.


Counselling £50 per session.

Reduced fee of £35 per session to those who require counselling as part of their counselling course

Cancellation Policy

I have a 24 hour notice period if you need to cancel an appointment that has been allocated to you. Any cancellations within this time frame will be charged at the full price.

What my Counselling clients say...

Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the services I offer, or to ask about booking an appointment or course.

Alternatively, you can call me on 07961 540622.

My location

I am based in Tottington, Bury in Greater Manchester and am easily accessible from Bolton, Rochdale, Rossendale and the surrounding areas.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to enquire about availability or to ask any questions you may have before booking an appointment.

Fees & availability

For counselling fees and availability click here.

For reiki fees and availability click here.

I have a 24 hour notice period if you need to cancel an appointment that has been allocated to you. Any cancellations within this time frame will be charged at the full price.